Our Story

Minetec began as a small family-owned company in 1983 with an order from Altas Copco to adapt their European technology to North American standards and guarantee compliance.

We gradually expanded our range of services, adding grounding signage and HVAC system design before becoming a preferred supplier of leading industry players, in addition to being an unparalleled equipment manufacturer in various sectors.

Today, customers from around the world rely on Minetec to manufacture custom control and distribution panels.

A word from management

In order to fulfill a vision, you need solid supports and foundations. To make this a reality, we build trusting relationships with our business partners. We are committed to providing customized services tailored to your reality and advanced, specialized products. Our goal is to make your investment profitable so your company can branch out. This in turn will support your growth and will enable us to expand together within the industry.

Carl and Yves

Our team

Minetec has been working in the industry for 35 years and offers you expertise in the manufacturing supply chain, as well as in production and sale of assembled products in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our company’s main focus is satisfying our customers. We invest heavily in continuously improving our processes and each order is treated like a separate project with the goal of delivering an unparalleled product that manifests quality and durability.

Our team of experience technicians and engineers provides incredibly fast implementation and exceptional customer service.

Minetec’s management team supports training and professional development for all their employees.

Our goal is to offer a positive work environment without injuries or accidents. We’re able to fulfill this goal through an ongoing focus on safety and loss control.

Are you a dedicated person who knows how to get things done? Do you have ideas that will contribute to our company’s success?