Minetec: a key partner in your success

Minetec has a solid reputation in the power industry, a sector characterized by digital transformation, the arrival of electric cars and charging stations, automation, energy efficiency, LED lighting and home automation.

Our experienced team offers you a wide range of diversified services that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Turnkey solutions

We create your project based on an application or specific need. The application will be ready for use as soon as the task is finished.

Custom fabrication from customer drawings

Minetec manufactures custom panels made from plans and quotes supplied by our customers.


Our engineering department can help you develop electrical plans, modify existing plans or design a specific application.

Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and private label

Minetec fabricates panels for original equipment manufacturers. Once an application’s parameters are set, we don’t need much additional information.

API programming for various applications

Minetec can automate processes like commands for machines on a factory assembly line or automated material handling system management.

Modernization projects (retrofitting)

Minetec offers modernization for existing electrical equipment and the logistics work required to commission it in order to make your company more profitable.

Minetec provides business partners with impeccable service and reliable products that meet the highest industry standards.